Thursday, 27 October 2011

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

You know what's been annoying me lately. I'd like to go to different gymnastics exercise -thingies. You know, like BodyPump and spinning etc. But. Why do these always have to be arranged in the private sport centres, where you have to pay 700 euros a year to be a member and be allowed to go to the classes. Well, you can go as a non-member, but then it costs something like 20 € per class so no thanks. Seriously. Twenty euros!
I'm so tired with running. I can't wait for snow and winter so that I could go skiing! Cross-country just to let you know. But, it's October and still very warm. Like right now 7°C. Way to warm. I want to find a new and interesting sport, but can't figure out what it could be.

But, to somewhat happier things. Or not. I just realised I have a math exam tomorrow. But that's not what I meant. I meant, that I heard about this band yesterday. I know, they're not very new or anything, but doesn't matter. They're not that old anyways. I'm talking about One Direction. You know the boy band formed in the British X-Factor a while ago. Don't know exactly when. Last year I think.
But, I heard their "new" single yesterday. The song is not that great and unique. It's good though. I like the lyrics and it's catchy. Well, the lyrics are so typical and go over the top, just like always nowadays. I mean, yeah, I wouldn't mind if someone sang that to me, but. Why do the girls in the video have to be so beautiful and secure? If they're singing about insecure girls, then, for god's sake, use such girls in the video. It'd give much more credit. Now it's just another "oh you're perfect just the way you are"-song. It has potential for more. Argh.

But. The boys. I mean, seriously. My heart missed a beat when I was watching the video. Take a look:

The first guy, I think he's called Liam. He's 18. My age. My god how cute he is. And I love the way his voice goes in the part "what for". And the second curly head. Harry. He's younger than me. But. Just look at him. But my favourite, the blond guy. Niall. My age, too. Why does he get so little screen time? Well, waiting for they're album to come out. I think these guys could be my new "celebrity" crushes. Haha.

That's that for now. Guess you don't have to guess where the title's from.