Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Monday, 30 May 2011

Don't say you love me

Aloha people!

I've been busy with school, having the last exams and summer holiday starting on Saturday. Can't wait.

I haven't really been up to much lately. Had this camp thing over the weekend, was pretty lame though. It's been raining quite a lot lately, but the weather's getting better now.

There's this one thing I've been meaning to post about for a long time, but for some reason never have. Have you people ever thought about "I love you" properly?

I've noticed, that it's much easier to say "I love you" in English than in Finnish. Even though I'd say my English is pretty fluent, things don't mean the same than they do with my mother tongue. Everything is so much less meaningful: swearing, expressing feelings. When speaking another language one easily exaggerates.

To me "I love you" is something really big and meaningful. I don't think I've ever said that to anyone. Maybe my mum when I was small. It's just not our thing to say it. In movies you hear people telling each other they love them all the time. The meaning has been lost. They say it to someone even though they don't even know the other person that well.

For me it'd take a long time before I'd have the courage to tell someone I loved them. I'd need to absolutely trust the other person and have a deep relationship before I'd be ready. "I love you" is not something to say to whoever. It's something really important, and I don't want it to lose its meaning.

There's one good example (or well, maybe not that good if you look at the whole story but let's just concentrate on this one detail) in Gossip Girl. You know on season two Chuck and Blair struggle saying "I love you" to each other. That's sort of the way it's supposed to be. "I love you" shouldn't be something you tell everyone. And I'm repeating myself.

But just think of it. Imagine saying "I love you" in English or whatever language you want and then in your mother tongue. There's a difference. At least to me. Your own language is much more meaningful. Try. I can repeat "I love you" much more easily than "Minä rakastan sinua". That's Finnish (for your information).

Anyhow, I gotta get going now. It's summer soon. Aloha!

Monday, 23 May 2011

I got me a bouncy feeling

Back in business! Had a busy week last week.

On Thursday we left to a sort of a camp, we had a competition on Saturday and it was far away so we left early. We had so much fun. It was so relaxing, we didn't have too much to do and not too much people which suited me so well.

On Friday we visited Koli quickly, and what can I say, the view was incredible. Just check it out yourselves.

I was beautiful. On Saturday we had the competition. It wasn't that great but still. The forest was so cool. In the evening we cooked chicken wok with the girls. It was so good, like the best food I've ever cooked. I haven't cooked too much food though.

On Sunday it was time to pack and return home. The bus ride was l-o-n-g (we left at 9 am and were home at 9 pm). We watched Sound Of Music (love it, Julie Andrews is awesome!). It just makes you so cheerful, such a lovely movie. The we played card and such. The bus was so hot, it was like a sauna. It was such a beautiful day, it was a shame to sit in the bus but no can do.

I lost my voice over the weekend, but now it's returning. I suppose that's all I had to say this time. It's raining today, but it's so green outside! Exams start on Wednesday and there's two weeks school left! Then it's SUMMER.

And I just had to title the post with this:

I just love it. The Finnish version is better though. The video is for the Finnish song so it's sort of dubbed, that's why the lyrics don't match with what the dude is saying. It's from this sketch show, and he's making the voice really. It's not edited. My favourite part:

I got me a bouncy feeling,
don't throw me to the ceiling and
turn me into a modern painting.

Some may say I look just like an fat 'n bouncy ping pong ball!

Monday, 16 May 2011

This is what dreams are made of

Thought it'd be about time to continue my challenge.

Day 11 – Your dreams

Well, to be honest there are many. Shallow ones and less shallow ones. Right now my biggest dream is traveling. I want to travel around the world and see all the different places. I know, not so unique, but it is what I dream about. A year backpacking abroad – yes please!

I have decided (well, decided and decided, but strongly committed to anyway) to go to an InterRail next year. I've been reading all these books and everything, and it's something I could actually afford. I mean, if I won in the lottery or so I'd take a gap year and take a round-the-world trip. For sure.

So traveling is pretty much the be-all and end-all (just learned that today and had to use it here) for me. And I am going on an InterRail next year after school's over.

Apart from traveling there are many other things I dream about. I want to have a summer romance, be in a proper relationship, get an own computer, find something I want to study when I go to university, turn 18 and drive a car, find a lovely apartment (and preferably a cheap one), get a good job, travel (again), study a year abroad as an exchange student (in university), visit the South Pole, visit Africa, have a family, live in a beautiful place near the city...

The list is endless, and I'm going to kill you if I'd start listing everything up. There are so many things I'd want to do (probably the same with everyone). Some of my dreams are shallow and silly and just dreams and fantasies that are fun to play with (such as meeting Taylor Lautner near my house and become friends (or more) with him and then he'd buy all this stuff for me and pay for an extreme makeover (or not so extreme, but well you know) and clothes and tips how to do this and that to look better (in an easy way)). Then some of them are not so shallow as I really want to fulfill them. Like the traveling part. It's number one on my list.

Places I'd really like to visit some day:

  • South Africa, and then maybe some other African countries, to see what living there is actually like
  • Egypt, to see the pyramids
  • Greece to see the temples and other things
  • Southern France
  • UK and Ireland, Scotland (Loch Ness!), London
  • Spain and Portugal as I never been there and really want to go
  • Australia and New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef and the Pacific islands
  • South Pole
  • Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, New Work, Los Angeles (Hollywood!), Las Vegas, Yellowstone, .......... (I want to take a road trip across the States and visit like all of the states (Texas!))
  • Tokyo, India (Taj Mahal), China (Beijing and the Great Wall)
  • South American rainforests, Brazil, Mexico
So, there are a few.

Sorry about the title. But I just had to. And the song reminds of my childhood. So forgive me.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Say "I am wonderful"

I have to share this. I absolutely fell in love with this song while watching Eurovision, and so did probably many, many others. I've heard it before but never actually realised what a great song it is.
Just listen to the lyrics. Absolutely beautiful.

The person that you were has died
You’ve lost the sparkle in your eyes
You fell for life - into its traps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you want that person back

And all your ammunition’s gone
Run out of fuel to carry on
You don’t know what you wanna do
You’ve got no pull to pull you through

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful"

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful"

If what you’ve lost cannot be found
And the weight of the world weighs you down
No longer with the will to fly
You stop to let it pass you by
Don’t stop to let it pass you by
You’ve gotta look yourself in the eye

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”
Oh you are

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”

'Cause we are all miracles
wrapped up in chemicals
We are incredible
Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles
Oh we are

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”
Oh you are

Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles
wrapped up, yeah we’re wrapped up
Oh we are wonderful

Oh well. The title: Gary Go - Wonderful.

P.S. There's the ice hockey championships final going on. Finland vs. Sweden, like the dream game ever. Too bad I'm not into hockey. Never have been. I'm thinking about going to break my principles and go watch. I don't know.

We are the winners of Eurovision

So, about Eurovision.

EDIT: Azerbaijan excuse me?????????? Not quite what I expected. Not at all. And Italy? Completely different to what I thought it'd be. Just saying. Europe, you are weird. Haha. Not seriously.

Here we go, I just have to post this.

01 Finland: I'm not biased (not at all!) but Finland just has a good song. I really like it. And, once again, Axel Ehnström (aka Paradise Oskar) is just irresistible with that smile of his.

02 Bosnia & Herzegovina: One word: boooooring. Just nothing.

03 Denmark: Like the song, but it's just all the same.

04 Lithuania: Boring too. Says nothing.

05 Hungary: Catchy song, but yet again: it's all the same. Lyrics are kinda boring, "What about my life" all over again. But it's okay.

06 Ireland: Funny, and I love Jedward. They're hilarious. And the choreography and the outfits were cool. But the song's not that great.

07 Sweden: The song's good and all, but the lyrics? And I don't get why it's such a favourite, it's so basic and nothing new. And what's with the glove? It reminds me of Hannah Montana... Haha. But Eric Saade is without doubt the best-looking singer this year. Maybe ever.

EDIT: If he didn't date, I'd get in touch with him immediately. Lucky Molly. I bet she's one of the most envied girls in Sweden.

08 Estonia: Getting better everytime I hear it. Not that bad anymore. Though the singer looked like a barbie doll.

09 Greece: There are absolutely no words. Terrible, I didn't like it at all. Couldn't wait for the song to end.

10 Russia: The beginning was lame with the saint Russia whatever. The singer was cute though for a Russian, and the rest of the song was okay. But, once again, as with so (too) many of the songs: so basic.

11 France: No thanks. Booooooooooooooooooooring. And the guy needs a haircut.

12 Italy: Didn't even remember this one. Another such a boring one.

13 Switzerland: Like the energy and the singer. It's such a happy song. Definitely one of the best ones here.

14 United Kingdom: Favourite? Why, may I ask? It's Backstreet Boys all over again, we saw this like, what, 15 years ago.

15 Moldova: Excuse me? I just didn't get it. It's like garden gnomes shouting.

16 Germany: Creepy. Another song that gets better when you hear it many times. But still, I don't know. It was scary.

17 Romania: Couldn't remember this one either. That probably says it all. It's ok.

18 Austria: Didn't really fancy this one either. Boring, too.

19 Azerbaijan: Another one I have nothing to say about. Boring.

20 Slovenia: The boots. That's all. The song's ok, again.

21 Iceland: I liked this one. Not that much, but it was better than most of the songs. It was another so called "happy song".

22 Spain: Oh please. This sounded like straight from the Junior Eurovision thing. I mean listen to the lyrics. She's supposed to be grown up.

23 Ukraine: Loved the sand artist on the background. Amazing talent. The song was shadowed by it, but it wasn't that bad.

24 Serbia: I liked this one. It's different and happy. Good one from Serbia.

25 Georgia: Like Evanescence. Boring, yet again.

My favourites are Finland and Serbia. Those are the ones I remember the best. But let's see.

And the title, just had to: LT United - We Are The Winners.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Today was a fairytale


Today has been and will be pretty much a perfect day. Love it.

First me and my mum went out for nordic walking, and despite the rain it was lovely. It has been so dry here recently that a little rain won't hurt, vice versa.

Then we went to this student restaurant and ate lunch, it was cheap and neither of could bother making any food home so. Then we went to the store and bought everything to keep us alive tonight (Eurovision!). Chips, drinks, ice cream etc. Can't wait.

Now I've been chilling a while, a friend of mine is coming over and we're gonna watch TV for a while (it's this  sports thing) and then go eat to some restaurant (again!). Can't wait that either.

I'm going to keep you updated how it's going.

And the title: Taylor Swift - Today Was A Fairytale

Friday, 13 May 2011

Light a match under my paper heart

Hey. It's been a while. Once again. Surprise surprise. We had a wonderful weekend in Estonia. The weather was beautiful and we had fun and life's good.

I watched the Fast Five today. You know the newest The Fast And The Furious film. It was so awesome! Though I haven't seen all the previous ones (I've seen the third one, I think), but it was great anyhow. Loved it.

I also watched Erin Brockovich yesterday. Loved it too. I can't help it but Julia Roberts definitely is one of the best actresses of all time. She's great.

Didn't have much else to say. No wait, actually I did. It's Eurovision tomorrow! I actually think that our song Da Da Dam is quite good. Not to mention that Axel Ehnström (alias Paradise Oskar (okay, maybe the other way around...)) is p-r-e-t-t-y cute.

What I'm slightly sad of is that Latvia didn't make it to the finals. The song was really catchy, I likes it a lot. The lyrics were a little, umm, well you know, but otherwise. And to be honest you can't really hear that well what they're singing about, not the best articulation in the world. But still.

One thing I'm really surprised of is that Sweden is such a big favourite. I mean, their song's catchy and all, but it's just all the same as everything nowadays. Basic. Same with UK. Ireland's funny, love Jedward.

And one thing still. I thought we'd finally get the third season of Gossip Girl. But no. They're only showing the second one again.

But anyhow, gotta rush now. And the title: Tyler Ward - Paper Heart. Love him also.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Live your life and stay young on the floor

Hello. I'm going to Estonia tomorrow. Can't wait!

Enjoy your lives.



Random. Haha.

P.S. The title: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On The Floor. As if you didn't know.
P.P.S. I don't really like that song. It's just so similar to all the other songs nowadays.