Sunday, 8 January 2012

There's no way out of this so let's stay in

Hola! A lot has been up. Again. Christmas, New Year, travel, adulthood, driver's license... The list is long.

Anyhow, let's start with the most amazing: I'm finally officially an adult! Yay. And I have a driver's license! I can drive as much as I want now (and as much I can borrow my parents' car...). I'm so happy. We spent Christmas abroad for the first time ever, and I liked it. We went to Dubai, it's like a one big DisneyWorld. It's all built there in the past fourty years. And it's BIG. We spent Christmas shopping. Haha.

When we came home we celebrated my birthday. Then it was New Year. Nothing special there. I got my license, and for the rest of the break I've been chilling and doing absolutely nothing. Oh wait, I did do something. Well, technically, I didn't. My friends organised this surprise birthday party fo me. I loved it, I've never had one before.

I went to the movies today. Alone, for the first time ever. I was just making a quick stop at the city centre and came up with the idea. I decided to go, and while waiting I did a little shopping and enjoyed a hamburger. It was fun, doing something spontaniously. I never do anything spontaniously. I saw New Year's Eve. Just perfect for me. Even New Year's Eve was already. I can dream about the next one!

Well, that's pretty much my Christmas break in a nutshell. Nothing extraordinary there. Pretty extra oridinary. Haha. As if that was any fun.

But, there's something that annoys me, yet again. I've been listening to All Time Low from Youtube. I haven't really used Youtube too much before. I've preferred Spotify. Well anyhow, I couldn't help noticing a huge amount of comments with the same content: "Thumbs up if you knew about All Time Low before Dirty Work came out." Seriously? Will people ever get over that? And yes, I did. I can't say I've known the band for too long, but when I first heard them I went crazy. But I don't think I'm anyway better than others.

It's the same with all artists. Someone has heard about them before they became famous. And why does that have to be something to be proud about? Like someone once said: "Being a fan is not about being there from the start. It's about being there until the end." I found Taylor Swift when I first heard Love Story from the radio. That doesn't mean I'm a bad fan (though I can't exactly define myself as one, but that's not the point; I'm not a big fan of anything, or anyone), does it? I'm getting sick of people who think they're superior to others just because of that.

Other comments I found were about how All Time Low was much better before they became famous. People stop being fans of a band or an artist when they become famous, because "they're not good anymore". And that's being a loyal fan? I don't think so. People get annoyed when something that they thought was their own, personal thing, suddenly is something the whole world knows about. And before that was the case, they did anything they could to let the world know. That's something I'd call hypocrite.

Anyhow, I'd better get some sleep since it's school tomorrow.

Here's an oldie but a goodie. It's so true. And brilliant.

Another quote I wanted to include here, but I couldn't find a nice picture, and don't have time to make one myself:
I am nobody.
Nobody's perfect.
Therefore, I am perfect.

With these words, good night. And the title: