Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's raining men

Okay, so a friend of mine dared me to post a Top Ten - male celebrities list. I thought this was an idea worth of considering, and well, here it is. And believe me, this was hard.

As my inner teenager is still (and probably will always be) very strong, this might be considered as somehow lame. But, no can do, here we go. Also, with the teenager in my heart, this list is the sort that changes quite often. But here it is, as it is right now.

10. young Heath Ledger
Slightly too olf for me... Rest in peace.
But the 10-things-I-hate-about-you -look, ahh...
He's my "bad guy".

9. Oliver James
Once again, he's just cute.

8. Jake Gyllenhaal
When he was younger. I mean, have you seen
The Day After Tomorrow?

7. Daniel Radcliffe
Cute. He just is.

6. Nick Jonas
Might not be the best looking, but I just can't resist curls...

5. young Tom Cruise
He'd be higher up if he was younger!

4. David Henrie
Yes, he's from Disney Channel. And yes,
he plays the geeky big brother. But who
can resist good-looking geeks?

3. Lucas Till
Cowboy. Okay maybe not but still.
I wouldn't mind a cowboy.

2. Taylor Lautner
Hottest one around. Really.
Love the muscles.
Wouldn't mind him at all.

1. Rupert Grint
Number one right now. And not likely to go down.
And what's more, I'm in love with Ron and
he represents Ron to me. Yes please.

Funny how you realise how some people just are not photographical at all. Photos don't make them look good, but once you've seen them in real life or on screen, they look way better.

Please don't take this too seriously. Don't think I'm the superficial teenager to do this kinds of list. I just thought it could be fun. And also, I was dared. And once I'm dared, I wont turn back. At least when it's nothing terrible.
But gotta go now. The title: The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men

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