Monday, 29 November 2010

I'm swimming in the smoke

Once again, I'm going to write about a friend. And this time I actually mean a friend. She's really nice and all, but. She's really competitive. And believe, it can get very annoying. Also, she seems to have this compulsion to having her "own" things. Which also can be terribly irritating.

So, something to begin with. She has chosen way too many courses to study. She keeps on complaining about how hard her schedule is, and wants everyone to sympathise with her. I've for example had to leave out a few courses I would have like to study because I know I won't have time, or energy, to complete them all. If you dare to mention this, she starts going off about how she wants to study everything. Well there you go, it's not my fault if you want to study everything, feel free to do it but don't complain. It's your choice, don't expect people to feel sorry for you. No offence or anything.

Also, she has this constant need to bring up things that she thinks are her own. I mean, don't we all want to have something that's like our thing, something others don't know about. Like a great song, movie or book, pretty much anything, but something none of our friends know about. Well that's completely fine.
But when you make a scene out of it, it definitely isn't. Yes go on, have your own things, but don't come bragging about them to others. It's not cool anymore if you have to make everyone know about your things. It makes you sound self-centred and lame. Again, no offence, but still.

Yet one thing (again). I hate when people don't watch or listen or do something just because it's popular. I mean, okay, if it just doesn't interest you. But refusing from something just because everyone else is up to it is, to my mind, just pathetic. And if you're not doing that something, don't brag about it. If you don't watch Twilight because it's a lame teen thing, okay, but going off "I'm so good and above everyone else because I'm not a teen because I don't watch Twilight" or so is not. Because that's what, it seems, to be behind it after all. The I'm-better-than-everyone-else –attitude. Seriously come out of the little box you live in and listen to yourselves.

But enough about whining about things. I'm getting tired of this myself. So guess I'll drown myself in the Harry Potter and think about something else for a change.
And the title: Linkin Park - Burning In The Skies

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