Monday, 16 May 2011

This is what dreams are made of

Thought it'd be about time to continue my challenge.

Day 11 – Your dreams

Well, to be honest there are many. Shallow ones and less shallow ones. Right now my biggest dream is traveling. I want to travel around the world and see all the different places. I know, not so unique, but it is what I dream about. A year backpacking abroad – yes please!

I have decided (well, decided and decided, but strongly committed to anyway) to go to an InterRail next year. I've been reading all these books and everything, and it's something I could actually afford. I mean, if I won in the lottery or so I'd take a gap year and take a round-the-world trip. For sure.

So traveling is pretty much the be-all and end-all (just learned that today and had to use it here) for me. And I am going on an InterRail next year after school's over.

Apart from traveling there are many other things I dream about. I want to have a summer romance, be in a proper relationship, get an own computer, find something I want to study when I go to university, turn 18 and drive a car, find a lovely apartment (and preferably a cheap one), get a good job, travel (again), study a year abroad as an exchange student (in university), visit the South Pole, visit Africa, have a family, live in a beautiful place near the city...

The list is endless, and I'm going to kill you if I'd start listing everything up. There are so many things I'd want to do (probably the same with everyone). Some of my dreams are shallow and silly and just dreams and fantasies that are fun to play with (such as meeting Taylor Lautner near my house and become friends (or more) with him and then he'd buy all this stuff for me and pay for an extreme makeover (or not so extreme, but well you know) and clothes and tips how to do this and that to look better (in an easy way)). Then some of them are not so shallow as I really want to fulfill them. Like the traveling part. It's number one on my list.

Places I'd really like to visit some day:

  • South Africa, and then maybe some other African countries, to see what living there is actually like
  • Egypt, to see the pyramids
  • Greece to see the temples and other things
  • Southern France
  • UK and Ireland, Scotland (Loch Ness!), London
  • Spain and Portugal as I never been there and really want to go
  • Australia and New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef and the Pacific islands
  • South Pole
  • Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, New Work, Los Angeles (Hollywood!), Las Vegas, Yellowstone, .......... (I want to take a road trip across the States and visit like all of the states (Texas!))
  • Tokyo, India (Taj Mahal), China (Beijing and the Great Wall)
  • South American rainforests, Brazil, Mexico
So, there are a few.

Sorry about the title. But I just had to. And the song reminds of my childhood. So forgive me.


  1. when you go travel take me with you please! you just ruined my day with those pictures: I can't sleep cause I'm stuck on internet searching for places worth visiting!

  2. I hate to say but I'm glad I did :D it's good to now there are people like me somewhere