Sunday, 15 May 2011

We are the winners of Eurovision

So, about Eurovision.

EDIT: Azerbaijan excuse me?????????? Not quite what I expected. Not at all. And Italy? Completely different to what I thought it'd be. Just saying. Europe, you are weird. Haha. Not seriously.

Here we go, I just have to post this.

01 Finland: I'm not biased (not at all!) but Finland just has a good song. I really like it. And, once again, Axel Ehnström (aka Paradise Oskar) is just irresistible with that smile of his.

02 Bosnia & Herzegovina: One word: boooooring. Just nothing.

03 Denmark: Like the song, but it's just all the same.

04 Lithuania: Boring too. Says nothing.

05 Hungary: Catchy song, but yet again: it's all the same. Lyrics are kinda boring, "What about my life" all over again. But it's okay.

06 Ireland: Funny, and I love Jedward. They're hilarious. And the choreography and the outfits were cool. But the song's not that great.

07 Sweden: The song's good and all, but the lyrics? And I don't get why it's such a favourite, it's so basic and nothing new. And what's with the glove? It reminds me of Hannah Montana... Haha. But Eric Saade is without doubt the best-looking singer this year. Maybe ever.

EDIT: If he didn't date, I'd get in touch with him immediately. Lucky Molly. I bet she's one of the most envied girls in Sweden.

08 Estonia: Getting better everytime I hear it. Not that bad anymore. Though the singer looked like a barbie doll.

09 Greece: There are absolutely no words. Terrible, I didn't like it at all. Couldn't wait for the song to end.

10 Russia: The beginning was lame with the saint Russia whatever. The singer was cute though for a Russian, and the rest of the song was okay. But, once again, as with so (too) many of the songs: so basic.

11 France: No thanks. Booooooooooooooooooooring. And the guy needs a haircut.

12 Italy: Didn't even remember this one. Another such a boring one.

13 Switzerland: Like the energy and the singer. It's such a happy song. Definitely one of the best ones here.

14 United Kingdom: Favourite? Why, may I ask? It's Backstreet Boys all over again, we saw this like, what, 15 years ago.

15 Moldova: Excuse me? I just didn't get it. It's like garden gnomes shouting.

16 Germany: Creepy. Another song that gets better when you hear it many times. But still, I don't know. It was scary.

17 Romania: Couldn't remember this one either. That probably says it all. It's ok.

18 Austria: Didn't really fancy this one either. Boring, too.

19 Azerbaijan: Another one I have nothing to say about. Boring.

20 Slovenia: The boots. That's all. The song's ok, again.

21 Iceland: I liked this one. Not that much, but it was better than most of the songs. It was another so called "happy song".

22 Spain: Oh please. This sounded like straight from the Junior Eurovision thing. I mean listen to the lyrics. She's supposed to be grown up.

23 Ukraine: Loved the sand artist on the background. Amazing talent. The song was shadowed by it, but it wasn't that bad.

24 Serbia: I liked this one. It's different and happy. Good one from Serbia.

25 Georgia: Like Evanescence. Boring, yet again.

My favourites are Finland and Serbia. Those are the ones I remember the best. But let's see.

And the title, just had to: LT United - We Are The Winners.

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  1. I agree! Though I am from the states and only now found out what Eurovision is, I agree that this guy is CUTE!