Friday, 13 May 2011

Light a match under my paper heart

Hey. It's been a while. Once again. Surprise surprise. We had a wonderful weekend in Estonia. The weather was beautiful and we had fun and life's good.

I watched the Fast Five today. You know the newest The Fast And The Furious film. It was so awesome! Though I haven't seen all the previous ones (I've seen the third one, I think), but it was great anyhow. Loved it.

I also watched Erin Brockovich yesterday. Loved it too. I can't help it but Julia Roberts definitely is one of the best actresses of all time. She's great.

Didn't have much else to say. No wait, actually I did. It's Eurovision tomorrow! I actually think that our song Da Da Dam is quite good. Not to mention that Axel Ehnström (alias Paradise Oskar (okay, maybe the other way around...)) is p-r-e-t-t-y cute.

What I'm slightly sad of is that Latvia didn't make it to the finals. The song was really catchy, I likes it a lot. The lyrics were a little, umm, well you know, but otherwise. And to be honest you can't really hear that well what they're singing about, not the best articulation in the world. But still.

One thing I'm really surprised of is that Sweden is such a big favourite. I mean, their song's catchy and all, but it's just all the same as everything nowadays. Basic. Same with UK. Ireland's funny, love Jedward.

And one thing still. I thought we'd finally get the third season of Gossip Girl. But no. They're only showing the second one again.

But anyhow, gotta rush now. And the title: Tyler Ward - Paper Heart. Love him also.

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