Monday, 23 May 2011

I got me a bouncy feeling

Back in business! Had a busy week last week.

On Thursday we left to a sort of a camp, we had a competition on Saturday and it was far away so we left early. We had so much fun. It was so relaxing, we didn't have too much to do and not too much people which suited me so well.

On Friday we visited Koli quickly, and what can I say, the view was incredible. Just check it out yourselves.

I was beautiful. On Saturday we had the competition. It wasn't that great but still. The forest was so cool. In the evening we cooked chicken wok with the girls. It was so good, like the best food I've ever cooked. I haven't cooked too much food though.

On Sunday it was time to pack and return home. The bus ride was l-o-n-g (we left at 9 am and were home at 9 pm). We watched Sound Of Music (love it, Julie Andrews is awesome!). It just makes you so cheerful, such a lovely movie. The we played card and such. The bus was so hot, it was like a sauna. It was such a beautiful day, it was a shame to sit in the bus but no can do.

I lost my voice over the weekend, but now it's returning. I suppose that's all I had to say this time. It's raining today, but it's so green outside! Exams start on Wednesday and there's two weeks school left! Then it's SUMMER.

And I just had to title the post with this:

I just love it. The Finnish version is better though. The video is for the Finnish song so it's sort of dubbed, that's why the lyrics don't match with what the dude is saying. It's from this sketch show, and he's making the voice really. It's not edited. My favourite part:

I got me a bouncy feeling,
don't throw me to the ceiling and
turn me into a modern painting.

Some may say I look just like an fat 'n bouncy ping pong ball!

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