Monday, 21 March 2011

As long as I'm laughing with you

Oh yes. It seems that the most popular of my posts is It's raining men. Wonder why. Anyhow, I thought that maybe it's be time to update the list. I don't know whether there's going to be any, but I think that I won't be making a list this time. Just pick up some worth mentioning.

Jake Gyllenhaal. The Day After Tomorrow.
If only I was ten years younger.

Taylor Lautner. Love his character.
And he's hot. And about my age.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Titanic.

Daniel Radcliffe. What can I say.
Harry Potter.

David Henrie. Disney Channel, yes I know.
But still. The hot geeks...

Last but definitely not least.
Tom Cruise. Top Gun, Cocktail. The best.
I really wish I lived in the 80's.

So, this time it wasn't a challenge but don't blame me. I was bored. And I know my latest posts might seem somewhat shallow (men, clothes and pictures). But I'm going to straighten up. I promise. Though I'm planning to post a women edition too. The most beautiful celebrities.
Maybe I should go to sleep now.

The title: Daughtry - Life After You

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