Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I don't know what to say

This is going to be, for a change, a post in which I actually have something to say. Nothing important, but anyhow.

There's this one thing that has been annoying me lately. You know when people girls upload photos of them in Facebook (or wherever) and everyone always has to comment "omg you look se pretty<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3" and then they have to comment back "no i don't i look like shit you're the one who's pretty". That's actually two things.

Why do people always have to write the youaresopretty-comments to each other? I mean, yeah, when someone actually  has a nice photo you can comment if you have something to say. But I'd think it'd get sort of annoying when someone gets like a hundred comments to their picture from their friends. It's just so pretentious. People comment when they want to pretend to be "good" friends. Maybe not always but generally that's the case.

But what annoys me even more is the people who answer back that "no i don't you're just saying i'm ugly". Oh yeah right. If you think you look ugly in the picture then why the hell did you upload it. It's just so hypocrite. All they want is more people commenting that they're pretty. And that's when you end up with dozens of comments. All it'd take is a simple "thank you".

It's random, yeah, I know.

But enough of this. I started working today, was fun. There was this other girl too who started to day and she was even more lost than I was. Quite an achievement. But it was good to have someone else to be lost too so I didn't feel so stupid repeating the same questions over and over and over again. Besides the guy who was instructing us (and will be for the whole week) was good-looking. A few (or more) years older than us, I'd say maybe twenty-two (EDIT: He actually is twenty-two, he said that today) or something and probably gay. I don't know but you know he seemed to talk only to girls and dresses well and sounds like gay. I don't exactly know how you can define someone sounds gay but, well, he just sounds.

I work so you can get your pretty letters. Haha.

That's all for now I guess. My grandparents are staying over cause my parents are visiting St Petersburg. It's really sort of frustrating. Grandma is just stressing about everything and I can't go anywhere cause I have to help her here and to stuff with them and blah. And it's only been one day. Well, three more and then I'm as free as a bird and will have that two months of freedom I've been waiting for.

Now I'll head to bed, continue my book and eat some chocolate. I missed the Gossip Girl -episode today. Sniff. But the third season is off next week. I also consider starting to watch O.C. which I've never watched but the re-runs begin next week too.

But now I'm going. The title: Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

P.S. They've started selling Starbucks chilled coffees over here. I've only had time to taste Seattle Latte. And I don't like coffee, but I liked it. Maybe I'm growing up. Haha.
EDIT: Now I've also tasted Aztlan Mocha Latte Chocolate Flavour. Not that good.

My other project over the summer is to taste all the Ben & Jerry's flavours we have here. The range is not nearly as big as on the other side but still. We have, what, 14 flavours according to the Finnish webpage, quite a bit smaller than your over 60 or so.

And can you believe we only got Vitaminwater here only this year? Not that I'm that interested on them. But still. Now I'm really going.

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  1. That's so annoying. I can't believe that you have only 14 Ben & Jerry's flavors!! I'd be dead. And Starbucks <3