Saturday, 11 June 2011

Maybe it's all around to see if we try

Hello again! It's summer and I have nothing to do. I'd love to go traveling and so but I have to work. Though my work only starts at 5 pm so I have the days time to do whatever I want but I can't really go anywhere. Besides, I've already manages to burn my back, lips, nose, and now my thighs and legs. Yeehaa.

Anyhow, I has nothing much to say (as always) and I just wanted to share this. The third season is starting tomorrow (!! finally) and this came out today. It's probably one of my favourite scenes ever, and believe me, I have seen a lot of romantic comedies.

And as Blogger ruined to quality I'll link the video too here.

That's all I have now. See ya all!
P.S. The title: Shiny Toy Guns - Season Of Love. What did you think?

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