Monday, 20 June 2011

You look like you're lots of fun

Hello again. Once again, I won't have much to say.

I just pulled an all-nighter the other day night. It was fun. We had this big competition thing which went over night and we stayed up all night following it. It was cool: it wasn't raining and not too cold! It was darkish (or close) only for an hour or so around two, and then the day began lightening up. I love the summer here as it is barely dark at all. It's definitely something worth experiencing.

So on Sunday I went to sleep at 7.10, slept badly for about three hours, then we left home and "slept" for ten minutes in the car. I can never sleep in the car, which is pretty annoying. Soon I'm off to work, can't wait for the rainy weather to end so I can do something.

I've been dreaming about an InterRail all summer, I'm actually planning on going next spring. Can't remember whether I've written about that before. I've been staring at maps and reading books of where I want to go. I've planned to start from Portugal, then head to Madrid. I'm not really that much into big cities but you'll get the idea of where I want to go. After Madrid I'd like to head to the eastern coast, catch a ferry to Ibiza (just a quick stay) and then a ferry to Barcelona. From Barcelona I'd head, following the coast line, to Monaco. I'd also like to visit Lake Garda in Italy, and then via Austria to Prague, then through Germany, Denmark and Sweden back home.

Anyhow, I gotta rush now so. I'll be writing again soon, hopefully with something to actually write about.

Here's a random video, but the song's so cool. It's so 80's and lifts your spirits. Try.

Yeah, and the title: Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me round (Like A Record). Another 80's song. But still. The video is hilarious.

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