Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Young and sweet, only seventeen – having the time of your life

You know what? This time I have lots of stuff to tell you! Finally.

I've had a busy few days. We spent the midsummer in Åland, the island in the middle of Finland and Sweden. We had fun, we cycled and enjoyed the holiday. Though my bicycle tire (Or do you call it a tire in a bicycle? Well, anyway.) went empty when we were leaving and I had to walk my bike to the ferry. And when I got home I had to take the bus with the bike. Quite an experience.

On Monday I had to take my sisters bike to work as my parents were away and I didn't know how to fix my tire. But, as I was adjusting the bike I sort of broke a screw and the saddle didn't stay up anymore. Oops. Then I had to take my mum's bike.

Well on Tuesday we were fixing the tire all day, as it didn't turn out that easy. First we had the wrong kinds, then we tried to patch the tire, but it didn't work out either as I broke it again after five kilometers while biking to the city. I took pictures for my driver's license. Horrible ones. I seriously almost cried 'cause the picture is so bad…

After work, at around 9pm my brother called that the others (as in my mum, my dad and him) had gone kayaking and I should go too. And so we did, and it was so much fun! It really made my bad day. When we returned home my parents drove to the city centre to a grill kiosk and we bought this thing that has french fries and sausages, and then cucumber salad (you know?) and then mayonnaise and such stuff. It's so good. There are just no words.

Well today we were again fixing my bike, and in the end when I came back from work I noticed now my front tire is empty. Just my luck. Well, but today I went swimming and then to a picnic with a friend. I also burned (again!) but tanned too. Now I have stupid tan borders (I don't know, again, whether that's what they're called, but you get the idea) though. But I'm not complaining as long as the weather stays like this.

But now I have to go, I have to make a card to a friend of mine who's turning eighteen. Yay.

A random picture but I love the Finnish archipelago.
And the title, as life really feels good now: ABBA - Dancing Queen

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