Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Baby you're a firework

For a change I thought I could actually write about something.
I've had a few rough days lately trying to cope with the people in my life. And now I'm talking about two people in particular.

Okay, so the other one first. Let's call her Mary. So Mary and I used to be good friends, pretty much best friends. But a year ago Mary moved to the other side of the country. We didn't see that much, only on weekends when she came home. But she had really changed. I'm not saying it was unpredictable, as the characteristics had been there before. Not that strong, but they were there, and they really annoyed me.
You see, Mary here is the most hypocrite person I've ever met. I can't exactly explain it, but she is. Like for example, she always says that it's okay if someone doesn't want to drink, but you can see from the way she looks at these people that she loathes them. Like they were somehow handicap.
Also, she is quite a princess. Now that she lives on her own she thinks that she's in charge of everything. She can't cope with her parents telling her what to do when she's home. Nor any criticism. Her parents are quite strict and she couldn't even imagine doing anything "forbidden" at home, but she judges others for being cowards. I can't help it but hypocrite people make me see red!

And this other person, let's call him Mike. Mike here is the most selfcentered person in this world. He thinks about nothing but himself, and he treats other people like they're pieces of litter he can spit on. He has no respect for others, and thinks himself as the owner of the universe. I just wonder how come someone can be like that for real?
But anyhow, trying to keep positive, and this song definitely helps in it. It reminds that everyone's important!

Katy Perry - Firework (is the title, too)

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