Thursday, 18 November 2010

I'm living a teenage dream

I'm so excited! For a change. And there's a good reason. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is waiting for me. In the movies, tomorrow!

Okay, and don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those Harry Potter forever -fanatics. But I like it anyhow. I know this might sound like a cliché, but I've kinda grown up with Harry Potter. I got the first book when I was ten - at least I think so. Because I can remember waiting for my eleventh birthday when I always hoped that an owl would fly in and give me the letter. I mean, who didn't wait for that? Nobody just wants to admit it...
Anyway, by the time the sixth book came out I couldn't wait for the translated version and I read it in English. Same with the last one. So I guess in some way you could call me a fan, but I wouldn't say that. But there's something about it.

Another "teen"-phenomenon I like is, big surprise, Twilight. But it's a different story this time. I remember a friend of mine telling about the books a few years ago, and I thought they sounded (to be honest) crap. Apart from Harry Potter I've never been really into fantasy. So I payed no attention to it.
Then, when the movie become such a hit, I thought that maybe I could go watch it. Besides, another friend of mine was desperate of seeing it so I promised that I'd go with her. After the movie I was dumbfounded. It was actually good. So I borrowed the books from the first friend I told you about and read them, also the last one which wasn't out in my language yet. It came out like almost a year after the first movie.
So, I like Twilight. But not because it's a teen sensation or the actors are good-looking - no way. I'm one of those who actually don't find Robert Pattinson attractive. Taylor Lautner is another story... I like the story, and prefer the books. The movies are good too, though.

I find it sort of problematic that I resist the mass-teen-phenomenon Twilight has become, but I actually like it. It seems that if you like it, you're straight classified as a blond-wannabe-teen wearing Team Jacob -T-shirts. No way. (And as you want to know, I'm on Jacob's side and always been, before Taylor Lautner became so good-looking. I think it's sad that so many Team Edward -teens changed to Team Jacob when the second movie came out. And I know this makes me sound like one of them and I'm furious because bimbo-teens stole my opinion, but that's not the case. I'm just saying. I've never really been a vampire-fan.)
So I tell you, that I like Twilight. I'm not going to lie just because it's considered lame liking it. But I also think it's lame that you won't see the movies or read the books just because of the phenomenon. I mean if the story sounds interesting you might as well check it out, not stick with the I'm-not-a-teen -attitude. So what if you are?

But one thing bothers me more than anything. The fact that many of the fans are like twelve or thirteen. The youngest one I've seen was ten. I mean, if you're that age there's no way you can understand the books that well and really like the story. Then it's more about the phenomenon. And the last book is definitely not for so young girls. (Why not guys too, but I know no guy who'd be reading Twilight.)

But enough about Twilight for now. I should be studying, so this was my excuse for staying out of it. But as i have to face it anyway, it could as well be sooner as it could be later. Harry Potter tomorrow!
And the title: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream. Hope you noticed the sarcasm there.

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