Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I am a woman on a mission

Mission impossible. That's how I'd call my mission, which I've been on for quite a while now. Two years to be exact. And my mission is to find a perfect wool coat. Seems to be impossible.
I know, I'm a little picky. But, when I buy something, I want it to be something I could wear forever. Of course, at some point I'll get tired of it, but still. When I invest (and don't tell me buying a wool coat isn't investing, they're expensive enough, for me at least) I want to invest in something that has a good quality and actually think about my investment. And when I come across with my perfect wool coat I'll know immediately that it's the one!

I've had way too many clothes that I've bought 'cause they looked nice, wore maybe once and forgot to the closet. Of course, every now and then it's good to buy stuff on the spur of the moment, but still. I've bought way too many impulse buys in my life...

But I didn't really have anything more to say. English exam tomorrow, wish me luck!

But the title: Gabriella Cilmi - On A Mission

P.S. I bought a great pair of high heels yesterday. My first ones, to be exact. So far the closest thing I've ever had was a pair of ballerina shoes with a centimetre (that's 0,393700787 inches just to let you know) high sort-of-a-heel. So lets hope I wont fall when it's time to wear them. 

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